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April 24 2017

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theme 11: decks dark

dark version - preview 1 / preview 2 / code

light version - preview / code

a fansite theme with customizable header + sidebar options, featuring one of my favourite games - alice: madness returns!! there are 3 main ways you can customise the theme layout - 1) a fullscreen header, 2) a 300px height header, and 3) a sidebar(s) only. the theme also features 4-8 custom links, optional like/reblog buttons, and show caption/tags options.


- 400px/500px posts

- 1920x1080px header / 57x57px member icons

- 8 custom links (with sidebar navigation) / 4 custom links (without sidebar navigation)

- options to display a fullscreen header / 300px height header / just the sidebar(s)

optional: show captions, show tags, like/reblog buttons

notes: the header image must be 1920x1080px in size (or at a minimum 1200x675px) so that it covers the full width of the screen (+ height if you use the fullscreen header), the member icons are 57x57px in size. the member icons will resize your uploaded images accordingly but they must be square in shape.

to customize the appearance of the header, you can toggle “fullsize header” on so that you have a fullsize header, or off so you have a 300px height header. you can also toggle “show header” off so you only have the sidebars.

to customize the sidebars, you simply need to toggle on/off the content you wish to have, and add the content through type fields on the customize menu. if you want to add/remove content from the sidebars you need to enter the html to do so, i left instructions in the code so it should be easy to do.

credits: header + member icons made by me, please do not save for your own use. artwork for preview 1 + 2 are official screenshots/concept art from the game alice: madness returns.

if you have any problems let me know, read the rules, and please like/reblog if using, thank you!!

for more themes go here.

for a run-down on how to customize the theme, click the read more link below.

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April 22 2017

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Character Page [01]: Fortitude by glenthemes

A character page with individual pop-up about/information boxes. You can add as many characters as you want, as long as they fit within your screen. This preview features the new color spread in Boku no Hero Academia.



  • spaces for character images (transparent renders are highly recommended)
  • characters blur + fade on hover
  • pop-up biography boxes for each character
  • boxes come with a sidebar image, title, subtitles, statistics meter bars, & biography text section

A detailed guide can be found in the above link; instructions can also be found within the code. Be sure to follow the terms of use and like/reblog if you’re using this theme! Please contact me if you have any questions/problems with the coding and I’ll try to help you as much as I can! ♥

March 18 2017

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Theme 013 by fantasieswriter


    • Scrolling header with 3 sections
    • Big description with another box to describe more if needed (or a rules section to place on the chat box)
    • Chat box, update box, and extra box
    • 3 navigation boxes with 9 links each

  • If your description/extra big box is too long there’s a scrollbar
  • Pagination below posts
  • Captions on audio posts
  • 500px posts
  • Header image: your screen width x 600 px height
  • Title at top
  • Customizable post background colours
  • Background image enabled
  • Bold and italic styles have different colours


  • Header is unknown background pattern, but I do not take credit for creating the header background.
  • Theme 13 is being released before 11 and 12 because those other two themes have problems that can only be fixed when I get my own computer.
  • Please do not remove the credit! Also please don’t claim as yours either!
  • Editing the code is allowed and if you need any help or have any questions feel free to ask me: here
  • Please like/reblog if using


February 22 2017

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Page 04: Movie/Recommendation
live preview | pastebin | freetexthost

  • Replace image, title, text, etc.
  • Images are automatically resized to 223px width and 253px height, but I recommend you crop the image to that specific size so it won’t look distorted or stretched. 
  • Hover over for movie/series information. In the info section, I’ve only added synopsis and comments, but you can basically add or change anything you want. (ex: year the movie was released, genre, etc.) 
  • I do not help with tweaking/customizing.

This could be used for movies or recommendations. If you’re having trouble, I won’t be available to help as I am on semi-hiatus. I’ve organized the code so it is easy to understand (I hope so) and here are instructions on how to install pages.

Note: May not work for screen resolutions below 1200px.

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Film Table [Squares]

» c o d e s · pastebin · freetexthost 

Simple but 'different' film table page, with film stills in mind 
instead of posters.

» i n f o  &  n o t e s

  • Film Images: 250x250px

  • Please remember to only copy from <!—- Start —-> to the next <!—-> to add a new film. Most film table issues arise when people don’t properly copy just ONE film code and either copy other things or don’t copy the whole thing.

  • Can obviously be used for other media types like books, tv shows, etc.

» i n s p i r a t i o n

Please like or reblog if you use/plan on using this page ♥

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Film table #01
[Download] - [ Live Preview ]

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Progress Tracker Page / Widget

Visual progress bar to show how close you are to completing your projects or goals. Use the full page code below or the individual widget to appear anywhere on your blog.

Full Page PreviewFull Page Code

Widget HTML / Widget CSS - Copy and paste the Widget HTML in the place you would like the tracker to appear, such as in your blog description. Copy and paste the Widget CSS before the “</style>” tag in your blog code.

Feel free to edit the appearance of this to fit your blog!

How to use


February 20 2017



This is the FOURTH time the apartment across the hall has blasted Mr. Brightside. What are they doing

Just fine.

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Mike Hollingshead of Extreme Instability has released an amazing series of 17 HD looping storm gifs at an amazing 1920×1080 resolution. You can check out the full gallery here but be warned, some of the gifs may take a moment to load, with some as large as 20-30 MB.

Reposted byhashM3lk0r



sins: written
tragedies: not
disco: panicked

I am forcibly removed from the wedding 



can you imagine if manga series were as hard to follow as american superhero comics? like if they got rebooted and reinterpreted as often. some girl would be like ‘oh yeah i loved the run where naruto was a sweet teenage boy’ and some smug neckbeard would be like ‘no the series where he was a mysogynistic 30-something year old hitman with a coke addiction was the only true series’ and then everyone would be arguing over whether the crossover universe with bleach counted, and if so, which one. 

conversely: imagine if american superhero comics were as exhaustively continuous as manga series. you’re on volume five and keep waiting for that moment you keep hearing about where the joker puts commissioner gordon on a literal trauma rollercoaster and then someone’s like “oh yeah that doesn’t happen until volume 53” and you’re like “how many volumes are there” and they’re like “130 so far, but the writer thinks he can get it wrapped up by volume 203 or 2044, whichever comes first”, and then on the internet someone recommends you the three-volume AU series where they’re all catchphrase-spouting high schoolers and you decide to just cheat by watching the anime but the anime overtook the manga plotline ages ago and batman’s just married a female green lantern who doesn’t even exist in the manga

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i think the fade is boring I’m not looking forward to the fade please don’t make me go back to the fade








lets just turn abandoned shopping malls into affordable apartments and keep the food courts and comfy palm trees and fountains and places to sit that’d be real nice

this is a fine idea tbh. who wouldn’t want to live in a nice mall???

File under: things that are actually a thing (but look super awesome and should be more of a thing):

plans for the ruins of capitalist civilisation

you could set up the restaurants and stuff in the food court so that they’d still run! and then hire some of the people who live there to work in them, so that disabled/older people in the community who still wanted/needed to work could do it from their home. then, everyone who lived in the apartment complex could have a nice place to eat if they didnt want to make dinner or whatev.


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Sooo I found this, gave me a hearty chuckle, 

*startled wheeze*

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for @zerosgirl02 :) I’m trying very very hard to get through all of my requests this weekend! Feel free to keep sending them.



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Reverse catcalling

I watch too much buzzfeed

“Hush! Just stand there and look pretty.”

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The Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say

February 11 2017

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Theme #12: Wrath & Angels

A lavish, ornate little thing, full of embellishments that say “I serve no real purpose, but damn if I don’t look cool as hell”. So really, a good fit for the character that inspired it! Seriously though, I’m quite proud of this one; it’s a very versatile kind of layout without compromising functionality and will work well with almost any sort of blog.

[wrath preview] [angels preview] [code]


  • 400px posts
  • 22 color options including all the usual like bold/italic/links/tags
  • toggleable bold and italic for easy reading
  • custom webkit scrollbar, favicon, and tooltip
  • custom post/description fonts and font sizes
  • optional translucent/transparent/opaque posts and sidebar
  • optional tall sidebar image, ideally a repeating pattern but works for large images too. to keep the actual content from overflowing, the image will automatically disappear when the viewport is narrower than 1050px, so depending on your resolution you might not see it in your customize page even when enabled - that’s normal, don’t worry!
  • custom subtitle below main blog heading
  • jump pagination
  • stretched or tiled background image
  • like/reblog buttons and timestamps on index page
  • unlimited custom links, made with liberal use of flexbox so they automatically take up the whole line if they gotta
  • smooth scrolling (credit)

send any feedback or bug reports my way either on this blog or on my main, @jardinian. and as always, likes and reblogs mean a lot to me ;0

December 24 2016

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★ Theme 20: Spooky scary reality

by two-dames



  • Slide out tabs. All of them adjust their height to fit content.
  • Optional post dividers
  • Optional Scroll to top and Scroll to bottom buttons
  • Optional updates tab
  • 500px posts
  • Each post type has its own permalink
  • Custom Album art for the tracks which don’t have it
  • 5 additional links
  • Custom scrollbar and selection
  • Post toggle - arrows which go to previous and next post.

If you want to use it:

  • Do Not remove credit
  • A like or reblog is appreciated
  • Edit as much as you want
  • Tell me if something is screwy

If you want to see more of my themes, I’m gonna store them all at this blog. Also, this is theme number 20!! The big 2-O

December 23 2016

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★ Theme 19: Flamethrower

by two-dames



  • All of the blog commands are in the little icons on the shelf
  • Optional post dividers
  • Optional Scroll to top and Scroll to bottom buttons 
  • 500px posts
  • Each post type has its own permalink
  • Custom Album art for the tracks which don’t have it
  • 5 additional links
  • Custom scrollbar and selection
  • Post toggle - arrows which go to previous and next post.

If you want to use it:

  • Do Not remove credit
  • A like or reblog is appreciated
  • Edit as much as you want
  • Tell me if something is screwy

If you want to see more of my themes, I’m gonna store them all at this blog.

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