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August 28 2017

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“На рыбалке”

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I loved you. More than anyone.

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"You need to repress your urge to help people."


-Chaotic Neutral barbarian to Chaotic Good cleric, after getting roped into a side quest.

Robert Small Headcanons: About Betsy


Robert buys Betsy sweaters for the winter. If asked about it he will avidly deny it.

Has sat in the same spot for 5 hours because Betsy fell asleep on his lap.

He has never, EVER, once forgotten to feed his dog, although he frequently forgets to feed himself.

When he goes out, he turns the tv on in his house to Betsy’s favorite movie.

Betsy’s favorite movie is Hotel for Dogs.

Robert’s dream is to get a house big enough to make a Hotel for Betsy.

Almost all of the foods Robert gets is dog friendly because he just can’t resist Betsy’s begging eyes.

Robert has taken(smuggled) Betsy into the bars nearby that she has her own ID because “she’s technically old enough to enter”.

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get rekt Hanzo

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Alone At The Edge by William McIntosh 

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this argument is serious

you fool its a duet

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When you’re caught in the middle of doing something weird. ( x )

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Giveaway Contest: We’re giving away fifteen vintage paperback classics by George Orwell, Ray Bradbury, Jane Austen, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Kate Chopin, and others! Won’t this collection look lovely on your shelf? :D

To win these classics, you must: 1) be following macrolit on Tumblr (yes, we will check. :P), and 2) reblog this post. We will choose a random winner on October 7, at which time we’ll start a new giveaway. And yes, we’ll ship to any country. Easy, right? Good luck!

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But I came so close this time

August 09 2017

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Theme #20: RGBA(1)

Mobile bloggers: have you ever wanted to change your desktop theme, but were forced to wait till you got to a computer? Have you found yourself wishing the colors on your mobile theme would synchronize across devices so you wouldn’t end up with clashing color schemes, but (understandably) don’t want to use Optica? Look no further.

This is the first theme from my new RGBA() series, a line of simple, light, accessible themes that take under two minutes to fully set up. Because they are designed for quick use, these themes are ideal for anyone who wants a clean desktop theme without spending ages getting it to look right. And this is the best part - its colors synchronize with your mobile theme, so you can control how your blog looks from anywhere.

The series is named after the syntax for semi-transparent colors for a good reason - it recycles varying opacities of a single accent color throughout the page, creating a harmonious look with very little effort on the user’s part. Regardless of whether you’d rather use custom colors on desktop or you prefer the mobile-optimized version, the theme only needs three colors from you - text color, the background for the text, and an accent.

I’d really appreciate reblogs on this one, the better to help people who could really use something like this haha.


[red] [green] [blue]

Other features and code under the cut:

Keep reading

August 07 2017


i think we as a people just need to have a glass of water 



peter parker in the 2002 movie is fuckin…. incredible. he gets bitten by a fuckin jacked red blue spider and he doesnt say “hey someone should take me to the hospital mayhaps?” he just goes home. then the bite swells to the size of a fuckin jawbreaker but he’s like “nah i just need a nap.” then he wakes up the next day and discovers that he DOESN’T NEED HIS GLASSES ANYMORE and he has a fuckin six pack. does he flip his entire Fuck? no. he says, “cool.” iconic.

2002 peter parker had no health insurance

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Davos “Stannis Baratheon’s #1 Fan” Seaworth

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Colored Version

Credit: gd8804




The villain gives their customary “join me and we can be great” speech. The hero accepts.

“Join me, and we could rule the world together! Hell, the UNIVERSE! Why, with my vision and your raw power, we could–”


“… I’m… sorry?”

“Well I mean you should be, you’ve been acting like an ass this whole time, but whatever, okay. I’ll join you.”

“You– wha?”

“Well I already can’t use my powers to rescue a kitten from a tree without being eyeball deep in Should Supers Be Government Regulated discourse. And selective media coverage that makes me look like a prick. And have you seen the memes? I’m done.”


“And I got a tooth knocked out in a fight last week but I don’t get dental coverage for this gig. Or, you know. Income of any kind, livable or not. But you own a multi-billion dollar evil corporation so I assume there’s benefits?”

“Yes. There’s… yes.”

“So whatever, I’m in. Evil’s my middle name, or something. What’s our plan?”


“Do you… what, do you not have a plan?”

“Honestly no, I really didn’t think you’d be on board, I– I’m not sure how to proceed from here.”

“Talk it out over drinks on you?”

“… deal.”


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