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May 29 2017

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just trust her steve, shes a professional

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Where’s the cat

this is the original they photoshopped in the cat

put it back
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come to Hanamura in the next 20 minutes if you want an ass kicking

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We have succeeded in uncovering Arlen’s past. He is from the Lavellan Clan that roams the Free Marches and was sent to the Conclave as a spy or so we thought. In truth the clans Keeper wanted a valid reason to send him away for good. Apparently he does not see their gods in the same light as other Dalish which causes a problem. I’ll see if i can get anything more on him.



My new Lavellan, Arlen. He was the Keepers first but struggle in many aspects of dalish life such as the belif in the gods. He believes Fen’Harel wasn’t a trickster and only sealed the gods after they had possibly done something. So he was kicked to the curb and sent to the conclave. He eventually romances Solas and does believe in his cause although he also believes there must be a safe way to bring the veil down.




i know it’s super insignificant but i’ve always wondered about the “we’ll pay you the rest when we reach alderaan” part because did obi-wan really have this much money stashed away or was he just planning to go “hello bail, old friend, nice to see you again, it’s been years, pay for my cab please?”

It’s even funnier because in the audio drama he and Han have a debate about money and he tells Han he’s gotten along just fine all his life without money, and asks Han, “Have you seen a single credit pass through my hands?” and Han is like, “Uh, the kid here paid for your ride” and Obi Wan is just like “exactly.” So you know he was totally planning on just having Bail pay the rest.

#obiwan kenobi is a fucking con artist

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Ionas and Dorian spent the whole night at the Winter Palace making heart eyes at each other and forgetting they were supposed to be saving the Empress ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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PTA Gabe returns along with a doodle i did bcs of the cool folks from the r76 discord server B)

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“the millenium falcon would wipe out the enterprise in seconds” lmao the enterprise is just an innocent science class floating thru space…. all they wanna do is look at some rocks… kiss an alien…. find some space plants….. why would you fight that its not a battleship theyre just nerds…… leave them olone 

A friend of mine saw this and brought up some interesting arguments

so, in other words,

Pretty much.

here have some size comparison

Who wins in a fight, a fully staffed Navy research vessel or your local weed man and his best friend in their souped up VW Bus?

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302: The Reunion Job




not to get mad nerdy but I just discovered tabletopaudio.com and I’m fuckin losing it

this person (people?) goes about making 10 minute long loopable ambient noise tracks for every imaginable setting (docks, taverns, forests, airships, spaceships, office buildings, sewers, EVERYTHING) and has over a hundred tracks to offer, and on top of that if none of them suit you there’s a huge feature called soundpad where you can mix and match from their set of hundreds of individual sound effects and music clips to make your own ambient background track

holy shit dudes

I did a little further reading on his about and the guy running this is just a dad with two kids who like playing tabletops with him and he had the composition and musical training to start making soundtracks for his games then decided to spread that to the world for absolutely free, he even welcomes you to use his tracks in your works (podcasts, videos etc) and is open to being hired for custom tracks

I love him

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#ngl i wasn’t really sure if i liked pimento but i’m here now.

May 28 2017

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i like how kala is really the only one to really see wolfgang’s soft and squishy side and everyone else is just like yup that’s wolfgang he’s our murder friend he’s pretty quiet

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Gabe practice 


I love that Sapkowski put such effort into even the smallest of symbolisms in his books. The details really are something I love and appreciate. Such as how Yen represents a raven and Geralt represents a wolf. And then if you do some research you can find out that ravens are known to follow around and spend time with wolves. Things like that are what I love so much about him as a writer.

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