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July 14 2017

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Thorin at The Prancing Pony

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anyone: the seven deadly sins? you know? from the bible?

me: oh yeah..

me, under my breath, twice: full metal alchemist 

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This is a powerful comic. It’s the opposite of owlturd’s comics.

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…she’s available, and she’s into you, I can tell. And you’ve got things in common. Like what?

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Leverage reference by John Kim in The Librarians’ gag reel.

Bonus: Beth Riesgraf cracking up. (x)
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Michael Humphries’ hand-painted concept art for Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996).


at any given moment you can just assume I’m very overwhelmed

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inspired by @iggycakes‘s tweet lmao 

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Look, I appreciate what you guys are trying to do, but just – if you don’t get out of here now, then – then I’m gonna kill you myself when this is over. So just… just get out!

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We had the most perfect conditions for the hike up to the Old Man of Storr but I couldn’t help cross my fingers that some storm clouds would roll in just as I set up this shot.

Scotland, 2016.



I justify my impulses by the fact I’m going to be dead one day and none of it truly matters in the grand scheme of things

it’s that “treat yo self” nihilism

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103 (107): The Wedding Job

Sophie Devereaux

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