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May 23 2018

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The International Phonetic Alphabet consonants found in English, with keywords and relevant parts of the mouth highlighted and colour-coded. (Source.) 

Pronouncing each of these in sequence is a very strange and amusing physical sensation, and I highly recommend it.

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gabe in a jean jacket from a small art trade +Dat BoiTM (again!!)


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Shitty jokes seem to be working: the prequel

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I simply said what I wish had been said when Kevin and I got married.

This is one of my favourite pieces of this show because “Marriage is like…oatmeal” was introduced as part of the “Holt can’t do emotions” gag

But in this speach, the unusual metaphor is powerful and sincere and heartwarming. And it shows that these writers really understand the character of Holt and the nature of love, and that they are very, very good at their craft.

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Do you guys think it’s worse to wear a fedora or kill fifteen people? - Chelsea Peretti

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one of the weirdest ways that language is evolving in response to the internet is that “bad words” just. do not have the same impact anymore. i constantly forget that some people think ‘fuck you’ is a terrible insult

so threats and insults have to start getting really out there if the person wants to even mean anything. if a person told me to die i’d shrug it off but if i opened a post’s tags and saw “op i will sneak into your house and replace all your shoelaces with cooked pasta” do you know how shaken i’d be? do you know how upset i’d be if i saw “op is the personification of the look you share w other people in the grocery store when some dude is causing A Scene™ for no reason”

So you are saying English curses on the Internet are becoming more like Yiddish curses?

I sincerely hope so but I can’t say I’m familiar with yiddish curses and i am begging you to tell me a few

yiddish curses: 

may you go to hell and bake bagels there 

may all your teeth fall out except one, and in that one you should get a tooth ache

One misfortune is too few for you

you should drink too much castor oil (and have explosive diarrhea); 

you should have a hundred houses  in every house a hundred rooms and in every room twenty beds, and a delirious fever should drive you from bed to bed

you should be transformed into a chandelier, to hang by day and to burn by night

Hang yourself with a sugar rope and you’ll have a sweet death.




The snac that smiles back




Editing? Oh you mean fic patching.

  • Protagonist now has more complex motivations.
  • Protagonist now remembers key facts about important people. He no longer develops convenient amnesia between cutscenes.
  • Protagonist now has a cooldown on certain adverbs. Adverbs have been buffed by 30% to compensate.
  • Developer note: Adverbs are important to writing but they are sometimes overused. This change keeps adverbs relevant while encouraging the use of adjectives and verbs.
  • The horse now has a name.
  • Deuteragonist snark power has been increased to 150, up from 75.
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    It’s one of those mid August summer nights, it’s the final rounds of edits before the deadline, and she’s the kind of person that sleeps better when she’s touching you in at least three (3) spots.



    joe russo saying thor is to blame for the ending of infinity war (just as much as fucking thanos???) because he didnt aim for the head is SO Rich considering he Fucking Wrote It But ALSO bc thor, as ive learned just now by watching a compilation of all his fight scenes on youtube, has historically ALWAYS aimed for the head when dealing with a Threat. so Lads…

    Welcome to my TEDx talk: Thor has NEVER done anything wrong Ever in his Life

    heres the video for ref: all of thors fight scenes from thor 1 to age of ultron

    • thor 1 (0:04-0:25) thor is fighting some wack ass aliens. hits them in the chest and shoulders mostly. one of the aliens knocks thor down, proves himself to be an Actual Threat and Thor Immediately Aims For The HEAD
    • thor 1 (1:34-2:04) thor fighting a bunch of nerds again, mostly just flipping them over, hes lowkey panicking but still is going easy on them until this dude Drops Thor, declaring himself a threat and Thor Punches Him In The FACE
    • thor 1 (2:40-2:53) this one doesnt really count, he went for the dudes head bc thats where his power was but Regardless He Still Went For The HEAD 

    (also to note, loki Stay doing stupid shit in this movie (and also every other movie) but thor Never goes for his head in fights because he recognizes that as a Fatal Blow )

    • thor 2 (8:51-9:08) thor is seen fighting a bunch of losers, flipping them over, hitting them in the chest, etc, but as soon as he gets to the actual villain? Immediate Lightning Bolt To The FACE
    • thor 2 (10:14-10:25) once again hes fighting the actual villain: aims For The HEAD
    • age of ultron (13:44-13:52) when trying to kill ultron. thor aims where? ultrons HEAD

    (and theres others in between too im just too tired to list them all.)


    and to say he Purposely messed up because he wanted to rub it into thanos face???? since when is thor Petty like that?? in fact I Know he Isnt bc i Just watched the thor 2 scene where he fights the man he thinks killed his brother and isnt Dumb about it. And then with hela in thor 3 (who destroyed his Home, destroyed his hammer and fucked up his eye) , besides a few one liners he doesnt do dumb shit despite dying inside. 

    and Joe is over here trying to tell me thor takes the Full Force of A Star almost killing Himself in infinity war just to be Stupid at the end bc he wants to rub it in??? get out

    TLDR: thor Would Have Killed Thanos at the end of infinity war if they Wanted him to BUT they Didnt want him to (because they wanted to make a part 2) 

    and Now theyre just pointing fingers bc it Doesnt make sense

    In Conclusion, russos, Meet Me Outside .

    Mansplaining protip:





    When a man starts explaining a concept you already told him you understand, instead of saying “I know” over and over until you die, try one of these:

    • Ok, which aspect is confusing you?
    • It seems like you have the basics down; Would you like me to recommend some good articles so you can get a more nuanced understanding?
    • So did you have a specific question, or do you just want a more in depth explanation?


    teacher-zone him

    My cousin is an asst psych professor. Her new boss brought up how male students sometimes challenge female professors. He asked how she handles that: she says ‘hold on: let me take notes’, grabs a pen & paper, and proceeds to take no notes. If he asks why, she says ‘Tell me something I don’t know & I’ll have something to write’; no student has tried twice. Her boss laughed and asked her to mention it at the next staff meeting.

    Well shit

    May 22 2018


    “Wow,” Derek said flatly. “And it’s not even my birthday.”

    “Hey, I can take it back if you don’t want it,” Stiles said. “It’s not like I can’t find any use for it.”

    Derek’s fingers tightened around the little wooden wolf. It was cheesy, but also weirdly charming. “Where did you even find it?”

    “I blessed it myself,” Stiles said, his chest puffing out with pride. It was adorable. “And my dad made it, so fuck you.”

    Derek pulled the little wolf against his chest, away from Stiles’ reaching fingers.

    “I guess I’ll keep it then,” he said.

    Stiles smiled.

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    Molly draw that got a bit lost

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